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Nougat is a sweet candy made with nuts, egg white, honey and sugar made popular by the Italians and the French. Since the 15th century, many people have enjoyed the taste of nougat and Flying Swan takes great delight in introducing this delicious treat to people living worldwide. By creating new recipes for nougat, Flying Swan continues to keep the ancient art of nougat making alive. We have used the best quality  ingredients, grown in the clean, fresh  countryside to make the world’s finest quality Nougat.


One of the most commonly believed, and nicest stories, is that the name nougat evolved from France where an elderly lady combined almonds, egg whites, honey and sugar as a treat for local children. As the first nougat maker the children began to call her “Tante Manon, tu nous gates” (meaning Aunt Manon, you spoil us) and hence the word nougat is said to have first originated from this name.

There are three basic kinds of nougat:

The first, and most common, is white nougat (which appeared in Cremona, Italy in the early 15th century and later in Montélimar, France, in the 18th century) which is made with beaten egg whites and honey. The second is brown nougat (referred to as "mandorlato" in Italy and nougatine in French) which is made without egg whites and has a firmer, often crunchy texture. The third is the Viennese or German nougat which is essentially a chocolate and nut (usually hazelnut) praline.

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